Landscape Services

"Understated natural beauty that really enhances your home and property is what Dave's designs are all about. He had great design ideas but also valued our input throughout the process. Just a great guy, a hard worker, and a pleasure to work with."

-Homeowner Concord NH

The thing I love the most about Landscaping is that you get to be creative while at the same time addressing practical issues that a property might have.

As we have become more environmentally aware and realize the need to address climate change, even on a small scale, Sustainable Landscaping has become an accepted and even an expected practice.

From a simple perennial garden to a full-scale design project, landscaping has many benefits that can add value to your property and allow for greater use and enjoyment of your home.

A professionally designed, installed and maintained landscape can increase the value of your home by as much as 10 to 25%. A poorly landscaped yard can take away from a home's appeal and value.

Proper landscaping design using sustainable practices:


  • Requires less maintenance
  • Reduces environmental harm
  • Benefits wildlife
  • Provides seasonal interest
  • Involves all the senses
  • Incorporates naturalistic design
  • Uses native plants
  • Uses the right plant for the right place
  • Plans and plants for the long-term
  • Creates diversity and biomass
  • Promotes energy conservation and cooling
  • Increases stormwater retention
  • Enhances ecological value
  • Creates a peaceful perspective